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Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass including indoor and outdoor surfaces.

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Artificial Grass Projects

Landscapers Dundee have installed hundreds of artificial grass surfaces in the Dundee area. Listed below are just some of the images collected on these projects.

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Important Things to Know About Artificial Grass

Most homeowners spend hours caring for their lawns. This is not only costly but also time-consuming. There’s good news, though! The introduction of artificial grass is a dream come true for many. It’s widely used for residential and commercial purposes, thanks to its charming features and benefits.

What is artificial grass?

Artificial grass is commonly known as turf and is an excellent alternative to natural grass. It’s engineered with synthetic materials and artificial tuft, which is intricately constructed with polyurethane fibers.

What’s more? The manufacture of this type of grass involves advanced manufacturing techniques to improve the look and feel of the product. There are different types of artificial grass, and all are useful for a wide variety of uses. These include landscaping in backyards, public parks, athletic fields, and commercial buildings.

What are the different types of artificial grass?

Artificial grass features high-quality synthetic fibers. It looks like natural grass, and it’s not easy to tell the difference between artificial turf and real grass. You’ll get various types of fake grass in the market. These are;


Polypropylene turf comes in multiple styles and is very cost-effective. It’s a favorable choice among many, thanks to its appealing looks. Moreover, Polypropylene is lightweight, features a fine texture and a more realistic look. It’s best for small spaces such as home putting greens. However, it’s less resilient to high temperatures, which can disfigure its blades. It’s also less durable and is an excellent choice for creative indoor and outdoor projects.


If you’re looking for a durable tuft, you won’t go wrong with nylon artificial grass. It’s strong and features very stiff blades. Moreover, it can withstand high temperatures and excessive weight. And the best bit? It will do all this and not lose its stability or melt. It’s highly durable and can withstand volumes of foot traffic. That said, it’s pretty pricey and is rarely used in large applications.


Polyethylene features a natural look with a softer texture. It feels and looks natural but is costly than polypropylene. This type of turf is vibrantly green and is remarkably resilient. It’s also more durable and is ideal for multiple applications, including edging, pool areas, outdoor play spaces, and athletic fields. It’s an excellent choice for homeowners wishing to replace their natural grass without compromising the aesthetics.

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What are the benefits of artificial grass?

There are numerous benefits of artificial grass. It’s easy to maintain and saves a lot on maintenance costs. It doesn’t require mowing, and you don’t have to tend to it like in the case of natural grass. It maintains an attractive look, and you won’t have to bother about long unsightly grass.

Moreover, artificial tuft stays evergreen no matter the season. It won’t turn yellow or brown in hot seasons. Still, you don’t have to water it to maintain the beautiful greenish look. What’s more? Artificial grass is versatile and excellent for a wide variety of applications. You can use it indoors or as an outdoor surface covering.

Still, you can use it in the backyard or for commercial purposes and still achieve that lovely greenish look. This type of tuft is also handy for restaurants with outdoor eating spaces.

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Where can I use artificial grass?

1. Balconies

Artificial grass is a great solution for balconies in rooftop gardens. In such a case, trimming grass can be a real challenge, and artificial tuft will save you a lot of hassle. With an artificial tuft rug under your tables, you will enjoy that comfortable feel under your feet. You can also use it to cover your outdoor cushion and ottomans.

2. Driveways

Those narrow strips in your parking lot can be tricky to maintain natural grass. The frequent movement of cars usually compacts the soil. However, you can create that lush look by installing a strip of the artificial tuft.

3. Football pitches

Fake tuft is common in football pitches. It enhances player safety and allows for frequent games without affecting the football calendar. Unlike natural grass, you won’t have to trouble about the prevailing weather conditions or watering the grass.

4. Indoor play areas

Artificial grass is strong and durable. It can withstand frequent foot traffic and still provide cushy landing. It’s a perfect solution that adds pop and color to your indoor play area. You can install it in your kid’s play space to create a softer landing pad. This way, your kids will enjoy a comfortable yet warm play space.

5. Lawns

With the increasing cases of drought, many homeowners are now rethinking their options. Artificial grass is commonly used on front and backyard lawns in residential settings. The artificial grass will ensure that your lawn stays green throughout the year, regardless of the season.

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How can I install artificial grass?

You have two options when it comes to installing artificial tuft. You can go the DIY way or engage professional installers. Whichever way, you must first get rid of the natural grass lawn. Remove at least four inches of the existing base.
Other steps include;

Preparing the base

Spread four inches of a class 2-road base; this helps create a level ground and ensures proper drainage. Also, set up a weed barrier to hinder vegetative growth. Once done, wet the area and use a compactor to smoothen the surface.

Lay the tuft

Roll out your artificial grass, and don’t drag. Let it sit for about 30 minutes before installing it. In case of multiple rolls, have the blade direction and the stitch patterns face one direction.

Cut & Fit

Use razor knives or carpet cutters to make proper cuts. Make all the cuts from the back so that you can view the strict rows. Have the blades of your tuft face the same direction and ensure matching space between rows when seaming.

Secure perimeter & Install infill

Use non-galvanised turf nails and a hammer to secure your grass to the ground. Place nail staples six inches along the outer perimeter and two feet on the inside parts. Reinforce the seamed areas with a few nails. Also, brush the tuft with a power broom and spread an infill. You can go for Acrylic Coated Sand, Silica Sand, or Crumb Rubber. Once done, bush using a stiff-bristled broom to create a freshly natural grass look.

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Artificial grass installation is always best left to the professional artificial grass installers. Often we have had to fix DIY attempts to install grass that have went pear shaped, the damage caused by trying to install yourself results in extra cost and hassle. We have been undertaking jobs in Dundee for over 15 years and can offer complete peace of mind and a smooth installation. Our team are experts who have refined their installation practices, you can be sure of first class customer service and competitive prices.

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