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Garden Design & Makeovers

Garden Design & Makeovers Dundee

Garden design and complete makeovers in the Dundee area.

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"Landscapers Dundee responded quickly to my initial enquiry and came across really well on the phone and in person. We wanted a full garden makeover with quite a lot of work needing to be done. The end product was fantastic, we love our new garden and the boys were a delight to have around the house while the work was being completed, very cheery and completed the job in the timescale promised, great work!"
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Ruth C,
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Full public liability insurance and all required professional accreditations.

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All of our team are local tradesmen from the Dundee area.

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Affordable monthly finance options available.

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"Amazing job done. And no messing about. Only took a couple of days and it wasn't a small job. Very happy with the results. Great guys too"
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Garry McKay, 5* Facebook Review

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Garden Design & Makeovers Dundee

Garden makeovers our speciality, our team has designed hundreds of full gardens in Dundee and surrounding areas. This experience is invaluable in terms of knowing how to manage large garden design projects. Landscapers Dundee always follow our process on every job ensuring we are organised and focused on meeting the deadline agreed at beginning of your garden makeover project.

Summer is already here, and with recent lockdowns and restrictions most people want the opportunity to enjoy their gardens. Well designed gardens are also a huge draw for many house hunters and easily increase the value of your home by thousands of pounds.

However, the heavenly promise of your very own beautiful garden paradise may change into a hell of unfinished projects! From the very start of your project it’s vital to ensure your garden design is in the hands of professionals who will deliver the makeover you desire. From experience Landscapers Dundee have found that simple garden design ideas are often the best ones.

We are not by any means against any of your bigger dreams, but in practise often less is more and paying attention to the details of the job and making sure it is completed as planned is paramount.

Our team has experience in all aspects of garden landscaping so you can be sure that we can bring any design and makeover ideas to life. Whether you want to incorporate decking areas, hot tubs, water features, artificial grass, patios or different ground levels you’re in capable hands.

If you own a shed or summerhouse, you may consider giving this a makeover too with a fresh coat of paint or a complete replacement. Your garden fence may also require a makeover, so when planning the garden design it’s best that we think of suitable colours so that everything is colour coordinated and uniformed.

Alternatively, you may look at using reed screening or bamboo in front of your fence so as to change the entire appearance, these options are also very eco friendly.

What is Garden Design?

Garden design refers to the art of creating and designing plans for landscapes. Great designs begin with the basics so as to fashion a beautiful and balanced landscape. It is the same as using the best spices and ingredients so as to prepare sumptuous meals.

You can do garden design or seek help from experts of varying levels of professionalism and experience. Many experienced garden designers have principles of design and enough training in horticulture.

The guidelines and principles of design can be used to move the generalities of gardening ideas to specifics. Things like colours, repetition, and focal points, which don’t compete, are usually easier in theory than in practice.

These principles also don’t have a specific hierarchy or order. They might not apply at all or can each be important, based on the situation. Some of these principles include:

  • Variety
  • Simplicity
  • Balance
  • Sequence
  • Emphasis
  • Unity
  • Proportion/scale

What is a Garden Makeover?

Garden makeover is a gardening hobby without limit to the sense of horticultural knowledge, satisfaction, and enjoyment. It can entail grass removal and decking. 

Making a new garden bed means that you need to sacrifice a portion of the space. You may kill grass using chemicals, but this can harm you and the environment if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

If your lawn is big enough, you should consider laying down decking at some spaces. Many individuals have decking, which can be placed immediately from the back door.

This decking may also hold a BBQ and even chairs and tables. Laying some decking shouldn’t be a costly option, but you also don’t want to take shortcuts.

Garden Design and Makeover Ideas

There are many ways you may use to revamp your lawn. You can add some covering and additional plants. Be sure to also do away with a standard fence in the garden and use something more colourful or personal so as to enable it to pop.

Since there are some paths you may considering taking so as to breathe a new life into your garden, at-home renovators will become very overwhelmed by various options.

Whether you have a courtyard, cottage, small, narrow, or long garden, you need to observe at what time of the day the parts of the lawn receive sunshine and light. If some parts of the garden don’t receive an equal amount of light or sunshine, you can implement these makeover and design ideas:

  • Plan the planting
  • Make a beautiful paving
  • Include the furniture
  • Pay attention to the boundaries
  • Get the garden into shape
  • Grow trees

Planning Your New Garden Layout

Beautiful gardens need maintenance, time, money, and effort. Beginning with a great garden plan may help to cut down all those things. Thinking of your garden or yard before you get to work will establish a more unified place, which accents your home and offers many years of enjoyment.

A great plan is also the first step to establish a flourishing vegetable garden. Planning may include determining the varieties of vegetables to grow, choosing a perfect location, and deciding the size of the yard.

Complete Garden Transformations

Some gardeners usually do everything by the book, while others wing and watch their gardens. There are several ways of transforming gardens and achieve their full potential. Some of these ways include trouncing the slugs. In content for pests, snails and slugs will be at the bottom. A great way to get rid of these pests is to have kids collect them in buckets.

Adding late-season flowers is also another way to complete a garden transformation. To have gardens, which look great in May and extend flowering life in your garden, don’t underestimate the power of plugging a lackluster gap. Among the flowers you can add are:

  • Nicotiana mutabilis
  • Cornflowers
  • Tithonia rotundifolia
  • Ricinus communis
  • Cosmos

Garden Design Cost in Dundee

Costs may differ greatly based on the intricacy of garden designs, which the property owners desire. Every custom design is unique and individual-based to customers. Ideally, construction projects and custom design in Dundee fall between £3,000 and £15,000, including VAT.

The type and number of plants selected can drive the cost along with the level of the task required. The best thing about designing a garden is that plans might be created so as to suit any budget. You may also let your gardener know how much you want to spend on the gardening project.

Local Dundee Garden Designers

Finding the best local gardener designer is a tough job. As a matter of fact, it might be a little scary, especially with a large selection of designers in Dundee.

Apart from ensuring you have a clear picture of what you want in your garden, it is also important to research different local garden designers and compare their details. You may look for Dundee local designers with enough experience in different services, like:

  • Blooming Gardens
  • Gardens Galore
  • Stewards Landscaping
  • BMK Landscaping
  • Woodpecker Services

Concluding Remarks!

Summer is the best time to enjoy your garden. It is also perfect for garden parties, barbeque, and family gatherings.

When the sun is shining, you may as well want to enjoy your garden, instead of just improving it. Therefore, before the summer ends, you might want to get your garden prepared using the best makeover and design ideas.

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Garden Design / Makeover Projects

Landscapers Dundee have completed hundreds of garden designs and makeovers. Listed below are just some of the images collected on these projects.

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Free Garden Design / Makeover Quote

Please complete the form below to arrange a free, no obligation garden landscaping quote. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response due to large demand.

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