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Expert garden fencing contractors, including large commercial fences.

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"Thank you for my lovely fence, will recommend you to everyone I know who requires fencing. Such polite genuine young men, who provide a fast reliable service. Wish all tradesmen were as professional as you."
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What Garden Fencing is and Its Types

Fencing is a practical way of protecting your lawn from critters, nosey neighbours and other unwanted passers by. It can also be a fun way to add a personality to your home and set it apart from other homes in the neighbourhood.

Whether you want to start a veggie patch or beautiful flower garden, building a garden fence is a convenient way to keep deer and rabbits out of your garden to have a successful harvest.

Garden Fencing Dundee

A humble garden fence might seem an easy and straightforward boundary. Though with a wide range of fencing accessories, fence panels, treatments, and fence posts, garden fencing might be very complicated.

Like most cities, fencing a garden in Dundee requires you to determine your boundary of the grounds of your property. This can be as easy checked by looking the deeds of your home.

There can also be regulations and rules regarding how your garden fence should be. This may depend on how near your garden is to the road.

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Fencing Contractors Dundee

Probably your garden fence is blown down by the wind, has panels are missing or simply requires a replacement. Whichever the case, Landscapers Dundee offers you a local Dundee fencing contractor you can trust.

To choose the most reliable contractor in Dundee, you must lay a great knowledge foundation. It is best to work with an over committed contractor who can have the job done in a matter of days.


Types of Garden Fence

Picking a fence type might be challenging, with each providing some benefits based on their intended purposes. A garden fence like feather-board or close-board fences are solid and strong, made with overlapping vertical wooden boards.

This kind of fencing is usually used in backyards, and it’s an attractive, neat, and budget-friendly option, providing great privacy. Feather-board fencing is normally 1.8m or 6ft tall, though it can also be available in different heights.

Weave fencing is also another type of garden fence. It is among the oldest types of fencing. You can weave your fence, but if you want something easy and quick, it is best to get an already woven panel. You may get this panel in PVC or wood. Apart from weave and feather-board fencing, you can as well build other fences, like timber picket, slatted fence panels, jaktop fence panels, and hit & miss fencing, just to name a few.

Garden Fencing and Decking

Choosing to fence your garden has never been simple. Some individuals feel that fencing can separate them from homes around them by establishing a barrier, impacting the relationship with neighbors. 

Mainly, there are three reasons many homeowners construct a fence. This includes plant protection, security, and privacy. Whether it is for the plants, protection, or privacy, a garden fence should integrate flawlessly with existing décors and properly blend with the yard.

For instance, mental panel fences may look weird alongside a countryside house or cottage, consisting of red bricks. Similarly, the construction of traditional picket fences around contemporary homes in a modern designer neighborhood can equally look out of place.

On the other hand, the use of decking is to bring some garden ideas to fruition. Usually, small gardens look natural when you use decking materials. In particular, wooden decking complements plantings and the general appearance of many gardens. Using a lot of bricks, metals, and stones will result in a man-made tone.

Wooden decking can also inherently offer an organic blend with your plants. As these woods age, decking will meld even more along with their surroundings.

Extra Privacy and Security

Properties need to serve as a haven from busy streets, nosy neighbors, and the general buzz and hum of the world. Luckily, regardless of where you stay, there are some steps you may take so as to attain a sense of solitude for your yard and home.

For instance, you may install fitting garden fences to improve the privacy of your yard. With a tall fence around the perimeter of the garden, it can be harder for opportunists and thieves to have access to your property.

To increase more security in your garden, you may add anti-climbing spikes. Although these spikes sound dangerous, these structures are made to deter instead of injuring people. A climber will not get on top of a fence without getting hurt, discouraging many individuals from trying. Other ways you can use to add extra security and privacy include:

  • Repairing damaged fences
  • Installing an automated garden gate
  • Picking the best selvage
  • Adding thorny plants
  • Setting up floodlights and cameras

Garden Fence Builders

Whether you need a solution for keeping your dogs in the yard or establishing a tranquil area to unwind during summer, it is important to choose the right garden fence builder. A good builder can be priced right.

However, this doesn’t mean the services should be cheap. Going with the bottom-dollar options is never the right choice. The best course of action is to choose a builder with a mid-range cost and still delivers quality services.

Installing fences is also not simple. You need to know the minor nuances so as to ensure the installation is efficient, quick, and effective. If the builder has been in the fencing business for a long time, then it means the company has something that enables it to be in the game for many years.

The Bottom Line!

Installing a fence is a common and great way to mark the boundaries of your yard. With a wide choice of colorful paints, you may change your entire fencing into an amazing and modern garden feature.

Whether you want to create a new garden area or improve an already existing lawn, ensure you install a good fence to keep your neighbor’s pets and intruders away.

Garden Fencing Projects

Landscapers Dundee have installed hundreds of garden and commercial fences in the Dundee area. Listed below are just some of the images collected on these projects.

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